Sunday, August 7, 2011

Schedule of Events: Wednesday Sept. 28th, 2011

Photo: Luis Lara Malvacias

Wednesday September 28th.

·       Contemporary Dance Classes taught by Jeremy Nelson. 10:00am - 12. 
    Open to all levels. 39 Ainslie St. buzzer #6. (Find fess and full schedule of 
     classes in this blog or at
·       UNVEILED / BLOCK 2: WinP.12:30pm to 2:30pm.
·       KIA (Keenly Intensely Applicable): Finish of the 2-day process with the results to be shown in a performance at 7pm leading into the Open Conversation below.
·       OPEN CONVERSATION as part of Movement Research Studies Project in collaboration with the Not Festival. 7pm.
      Underground Citizen: Artistic Underground Movement Today. Does it exist? What is it? How does it relate to the social and political changes in the world today?. Free entry but reservation is required.

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