Saturday, August 6, 2011

Schedule of Events: Tuesday Sept. 27th, 2011

Photo: Luis Lara Malvacias

All the activities of the Not Festival will take place at the Greenspan Center. 39 Ainslie Street. Take L train to Lorimer Street and exit towards the rear of the train. Take Keap St. exit. First right on Keap St. is 39 Ainslie.  Tel. 718 3874914

Tuesday September 27th.  
·       Contemporary Dance Class taught by Francis A Stansky.  
                10:00am – 12:00. Open to all levels.  39 Ainslie St. buzzer #6.
·      Workshop 1: Improvisation and Composition Class taught by Judith Sanchez Ruiz.  
                1:00pm – 3:00pm. Open to all levels. 39 Ainslie St. buzzer #6. (Find fees and full 
                schedule of classes in this blog or at

·       KIA (Keenly Intensely Applicable):  Start time: 1pm.
For this experiment an open call will be made. 7 people, preferably unknown to each other, will sign up for this. They will meet for two days in the ground floor space at 39 Ainslie St. (September 27th and 28th). Luis Lara Malvacías will provide them with free space to create, a place to sleep, a bathroom, sound equipment, a camera, a video projector, clues, tasks and a series of objects including “horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anic things”. Every hour they will choose a leader within the group and produce a video, an installation, a painting, a sculpture, etc. For this experiment the participants should have a penetrating analysis of their plan's feasibility to achieve their final goal, which will then be presented in the form of a performance.               

·       GÉNERO ABIERTO 2. 8pm to 10pm. Screening of Spanish contemporary short films and videos. Open genres.    

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