Wednesday, August 24, 2011

negotiationofspace at Not Festival

i am amy buckley and half of negotiationofspace.

negotiationofspace is a collaboration between myself and my identical twin, hannah which explores the nature of twins from the inside out, using this as a starting point to create work. our practise is based in movement and visual art.

Not Festival is an extension of concepts we are already working with. as negotiationofspace is evolving we are constantly engineering new ways to collaborate across continents. due to physical circumstance, i.e. living, working and creating in different countries much of our work is transient, stored in a virtual reality or ideas contained between ourselves, waiting for creation. Not Festival is an opportunity to anchor our work in reality.

the work which will be shown at Not Festival summarizes ongoing challenges within our negotiation and is symbolic of our relationship - the starting point for this collaboration.

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