Monday, August 22, 2011

Not Festival : On horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anic things. September 24th to October 8th.

The Not Festival : On horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anic things is a two-week event created by 3RD CLASS CITIZEN, and Venezuelan choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist Luis Lara MalvacĂ­as and presented in association with Movement Research, the Greenspan Center,Williamsburg, and Gallery Galou. It will take place from September 24th to October 8th, 2011.  The event consists of a series of site-specific performances and installations, art exhibitions, jams, lectures and discussions of topics that are relevant to contemporary dance and art today, as well as contemporary dance classes and workshops.

Renowned international dance teachers will lead the dance classes and workshops. Classes will be lead by Jeremy Nelson, Luis Lara Malvacias, Francis Stansky, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Melanie Maar and Jon Kinzel. You can find more info regarding classes fee and times in this Blog and on

Participants include artists from different cultural backgrounds who live and work in New York, as well as guest artists from abroad. The TRANSART collective – an international collective of artists from around the world – and Galou gallery will also be involved in the final development of the event. Around 39 international Choreographers, performers and artists are participating in this event, including among others: Patricia Cazorla (NY- Venezuela), Nancy Saleme (NY- Venezuela-Peru), Victoria Hindley (USA-Austria), Kay Gordon (NY), Pedro Cruz Castro (NY- Venezuela), Naomi Campbell (NY), Orlando Toro (Venezuela), Paul Sloan (UK), Samuel Jablon (NY), Annie Sailer (NY), Ben Watts (NY), Jeff Thompson(NY), Migdalia Luz Barens-Vera (NY-Puerto Rico), Birgit Ramsauer (Berlin-NY), Nicolas Dumit Estevez (Dominican Republic - NY), Melanie Maar (Austria - NY), Knoll Klaus and Cella (USA), Amy Buckley (UK-NY), Karen Marshall (NY), Renee Kildow (NY), Simon Donovan (USA), Stewart Parker (NY), Xochitl Gil-Higuchi (NY- Mexico), Shinsuke Higuchi (NY-Japan), Leonor Mendoza (NY-Venezuela), Uli Bramhs (NY - Berlin), The Mob/ Julia Giertz and Emma Cecilia Ajanki (Sweden-Denmark), Josephine Turalba (Philippines), Judith Sanchez Ruiz (Cuba-NY), Lindsey Dietz Marchant (NY), Rebecca Brooks (NY), Jean Marie Casbarian (NY), Coco Watts (NY), Sara Lauren Smith (USA), Jodi Bender (NY), Angelika Rinhofer (NY- Germany), Walter Dundervill (NY), My Lindblad (Denmark-Sweden), Laborgras (Berlin), Jon Kinzel (NY), Fabio Tavares (Brazil-NY), Barbara Mahler (NY), Abigail Levine (NY), Antonio Ramos (Puerto Rico-NY), Action Theory(NY), Maria Cabo (Colombia-NY) and Jeremy Nelson (NY). 
Movement Research will co-produce two evening of Studies Project in partnership with the Not Festival. The discussions include topics that are relevant to contemporary dance and art today. The first one, Underground Citizen : Artistic Underground Movement Today,  will take  place on Wednesday September 28th. The second one, Public Criticism: The importance of Social Media in the transformation of criticism, will take place on October 5th. Both discussion start at 7pm at the Green Span Center.Free entry but reservation is required. 
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  1. It's going to be a great event and I am really glad that I will be able to be part of it. Looking forward to teaching the classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday both weeks - it is really great to have this happening at Greenspan again after all these years. Hope to see you.