Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Schedule of Events: Tuesday October 4th, 2011

Tuesday October 4th.  

·       Contemporary Dance Classes taught by Luis Lara Malvacías. 
      10:00am –12:00. Open to all levels. 39 Ainslie St. buzzer #6.

·       Workshop 3: CONTEMPORARY PARTNERING / EXERCISES IN COMPOSITION Taught by Jon Kinzel. 1 to 4pm. All levels. 39 Ainslie St. #6. (Find fees and full schedule of classes in this blog or at

·       KIA 2 (Keenly Intensely Applicable):  Start time: 1pm.
                  For this experiment an open call will be made to collect seven strangers. They will meet 
                  for two days at the ground floor of 39 Ainslie street (October 4th and 5th). Luis Lara 
                  Malvacías will provide them with free space to create, a place to sleep, a bathroom, sound 
                  equipment, a camera, a video projector, and other selected materials. At the start of the 
                  event, each individual will be given his/her own “agenda” for the process.  Throughout the 
                  process, participants must negotiate these “agendas” to produce video, installation, 
                  painting, sculpture, movement material, etc. with the objective of presenting 
                  a performance at the end of the two day process.
·       GÉNERO ABIERTO BLOCK 4. 8pm to 10pm. Screening of short films and
                 videos. Open genres.

·       Live WATSU session (Time TBA)
                 The exhibition will be open from 5pm to 8pm

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